We deliver projects to provide Emergency Accommodation, Support & Learning to ages 16-35 years old


Emergency accommodation

We provide safe and immediate emergency accommodation in the homes of DBS checked and trained volunteer hosts, for 16 to 25 year olds. We complete face to face assessments, ensuring we fully understand needs and create an action plan. If we can’t accommodate, support is provided to find a suitable alternative. There is no charge for this service. Young people are taken to the host home by a volunteer driver and introduced to the host and return to the office after each nights stay to work with staff on their action plan. Drop In facilities are available for young people during the day. Staff support young people in work and education to continue with minimal disruption. We don’t place limits on the time we can accommodate young people; this is dependent on move on accommodation and host availability.

Young people are provided with:

  • An action plan addressing immediate and longer term needs
  • Clear guidance on the rules young people to follow when staying with a host
  • Transport to and from the host home
  • A private bedroom
  • Bathing and laundry facilities
  • Meals
  • Emotional and practical support
  • 24 hour on call support (via telephone) for emergencies
  • Support to move on to longer term accommodation, or to return home where safe and appropriate
  • Access to Hardship fund for essential items
  • 24 hour on call support
  • Access to learning and tenancy training

Drop In

Drop In is for 16 to 25 year olds in need of immediate advice, support and practical help. Drop In is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 12pm. Computers, phones and food are available for young people. Drop In is managed by experienced staff on hand to help. Young people use the Drop In for lots of reasons, including accessing benefits, using computers and phones for job searches, managing benefit claims, budgeting support, housing advice, emotional support or help to access other services. If appointments are required outside of Drop In times times please contact us.

Supported Lodgings

Supported lodgings offers longer term accommodation for 17 to 25 years olds within the home of a host, under a licence agreement. Support staff and hosts work with the young person to develop skills needed for independent living and work with Redditch Borough Council to move them on to their own tenancy. Rent is chargeable for this service.

Young people are provided with:

  • A support plan and licence agreement
  • A named support worker
  • A key to the property
  • A private bedroom
  • Bathing and laundry facilities
  • 3 meals per day
  • Emotional and practical support
  • Clear guidance on the rules we ask young people to follow while staying with a host
  • Support to access and maintain education, employment or training
  • Support to move on to longer term accommodation
  • Access to hardship fund for essential items
  • Access to learning and tenancy training


For young people in receipt of full benefit, the weekly charge will be £15 For young people employed, 25% of gross earnings will be charged as rent.

Grant funding and housing benefit will contribute towards the remainder if the weekly rent charge.

Floating Support 16-35 year olds

Floating support is one to one support with a named support worker to help maintain a tenancy. Appointments may be at the young person’s home, at our office or in the local community.

Support areas include:

  • Obtaining furniture for your home
  • Accessing benefits
  • Accessing health and wellbeing services
  • Support to develop independent living skills, such as
  • Cooking
  • Budgeting
  • Managing bills
  • Understanding and dealing with letters
  • Developing social skills
  • Accessing employment, training or education
  • Access to hardship funding for essential items
  • Access to learning and tenancy training


Many families experience periods of conflict and a breakdown in communication especially between young people and their parents, sometimes leading to a risk of homelessness or resulting in homelessness. Mediation is a voluntary, impartial and confidential service that can help. It is free to families in Redditch and the surrounding areas. Each person involved in mediation will receive an individual session to talk about issues and will then be invited to a joint session. This is a managed process and your chance to talk about key issues, understand the perspective of others involved and if possible work towards agreement. If needed, multiple joint sessions can be offered.

Mediation offers:

  • Help to resolve family conflicts
  • Help to improve communication
  • A confidential environment to express feeling freely but appropriately
  • Help to rebuild positive relationships
  • Support with a planned move on with continuing family support


Redditch Nightstop’s learning programme equips young people with the independent living skills needed to sustain a tenancy successfully, to improve health and wellbeing and to progress into education, employment and training.

Sessions are delivered in both group and one to one sessions and include:

  • Cooking
  • Budgeting
  • New tenancy workshops
  • Anger management
  • Health and Safety in your home
  • Craft groups
  • CV workshops
  • Job interviews
  • Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Managing emotional wellbeing



“They work around you, you don’t have to work around them. So, I work, most weeks, 6 days a week. And they work around us with the follow-up meetings…