Emergency Accommodation Hosting

Who needs an Emergency Accommodation host?

A client who is in need of emergency accommodation as they are unable to stay at home and do not have the support of their parents or families. These clients are often vulnerable, they can become isolated and lonely and many have not had the chances other young people have had so may have missed out on some education or social opportunities.

What’s the difference?

Emergency Accommodation provides a ‘night by night‘ safe and secure environment while the staff secure permanent accommodation for the client to move onto.

Supported Lodgings provides more long term living accommodation  months, therefore developing the clients living skills and assists them in gaining independence.

You provide:

  • Spare room and a willingness to share your home with our clients
  • A night by night basis
  • An understanding and respect for our clients and their needs
  • A caring and secure environment
  • Patience and compassion
  • A willingness to work alongside Nightstop support staff
  • A willingness to undertake a criminal records check and other safeguarding checks

Nightstop will provide:

  • 24 hour on call support
  • Full induction, ongoing training and support
  • A dedicated staff team
  • Out of pocket expenses


Hosts are never alone. When they have a client to stay there is always someone on the end of the phone to offer any advice or support to the host and the client.

Host application form PDF